I love Döner Teller!

One of the first things I noticed about Berlin is the abundance of late-night and non-stop Turkish restaurants. These places are everywhere: sometimes two or three of them on the same city block.

They are always busy, with customers often lined up, out the door, to buy their products. And for good reason: they are amazingly delicious and very affordable. It is not uncommon for a massive 1500 calorie — meaty, juicy, and protein rich — Kebap to be available, at a prime location in a major part of the city, for only 3-4 Euro. These are super satisfying, and could easily serve as the day’s only meal, should penny pinching be in the cards.

The “meat on a spit” logo, in neon or animated LED, illuminates the nighttime streets in the cyberpunky kind of way that reminds me of what I’d always expected Hong Kong to be like.

Being on the Keto Diet, I shy away from breads, which makes the Berlin staple dish, the Döner Kebap, off limits. I’ve cheated more than a few times, but recently I’ve discovered the other Döner dish, the one that’s far less carby, replacing the breads with more meat and a plate and fork: the Döner Teller.

This discovery has transformed Turkish foods from a diet-cheating treat to my main everyday meal. It’s true that Döner, even without the bread, is not purely Ketogenic, but it’s good enough for me, as I’ve already hit my weight-loss goal, and am only trying to maintain.

A final bit of advice: most places are willing to sell you as much meat as you want, by weight. If you want a massive 3000 calorie pile of meat that you sarcastically refer to as a “salad,” it can be yours if you simply ask.

IMG 3342

I love Berlin, and I love Döner Teller!