Identity Cards

We all choose how we identify ourselves. Many people use their profession.

I suspect this is done more out of tradition — or expectation — than thoughtful decision.

The problem is: how I earn money doesn’t define who I am.

Over the years, I’ve done everything from bag groceries at a supermarket, mop floors at a nursing home, to start over a dozen companies in six US States. None of these things provide even the slightest bit of insight into my personality or character. These are all just ways to acquire the ability to live life, but do little to explain how that life is to be lived.

I’ve always chosen to instead identify as a hobbyist. I juggle a handful of fun hobbies, but generally pick only one of them as a primary identity.

Over the years this primary identity has changed. I’ve still maintained the same core set of beliefs and enjoyed the same types of activities, but I’ve sometimes switched up the main thing that I identify as. Some past ones have been: Phreaker (1998), Hacker (2003), Airsofter (2007), Militia Member (2009), Conspiracy Theorist (2011), Video Gamer (2014), and VR Junkie (2016).

These hobbies, I feel, do a much better job of expressing who I am. Not what I do for money, but what I do with life.

Recently, I have adopted Furry Fandom as my primary identity. This particular hobby, with all of its quirkiness and dorkiness, currently captures my attitude and personality well enough that I have chosen it as the one out-standing hobby to highlight above the rest.

And, I made “Business Cards.”

These — physical objects to give to people, as a cheap trick to encourage them to remember you — have been around for a long, long time. Instead of a profession and office address, I have chosen to provide a witty quote and social media contact information.

…and I give them to everyone.

Fursona Card Back