Furvester 2018, Part 5

It certainly didn’t take long for things to pick up. Soon I would be forced to begin taking note of which events I intended to write about, lest I forget — the memories misplaced, but not lost, in the vast sea of non-stop activities and experiences.

If you’ve ever been to a convention — even a small one — you know that a seemingly impossible number of things happen in a far too-short amount of time. So much so that it can be overwhelming for the unprepared.

Opening Ceremonies went about as well as one could hope for, and later I am tasked with helping Torben setup his table in the Dealer’s Den. Tables, I should say. He has arranged for the largest selling space available, two full tables, whereas most other vendors are using a half table or less.

After the appropriate permissions are requested and secured, the car is moved to the restricted area behind the hotel, adjacent to the dealer’s room, and the printing equipment is unloaded, setup, tested, and demoed for the few people who somehow found themselves in the closed vendor area a day before it’s scheduled to open.

The usual combination of intrigue and excitement follows, and a few custom orders are placed and filled right there, on the spot, hours before most of the other vendors would even begin setup.

IMG 3430

This event — both Furvester as a whole, and the warm reception being experienced in the vendor hall this day — is very important for Torben, as it is his first attempt to sell to the Furry Fandom directly. He had built his business model instead around Bronie Fandom, and, after much success in that area, was looking to expand. There was great concern that the Furries would be a lot less receptive to the products. Unlike My Little Pony, Furry is all about original characters, so there was concern for the viability of pre-made products featuring generic anthropomorphic designs, but it became quickly apparent that this wasn’t going to be an issue.

The first few people witness to the seemingly magical yet simple combination of a sublimation printer and heat press wasted little time in telling others about the soon-to-be availability of custom merchandise, on demand. Things were going well.

My help no longer required, I began to further explore the various other convention areas. Consoles were being played in the game room, drinks were being consumed at the bar, and food was being snacked upon in many places. It was going to be quite a challenge to meet each of the over 200 people in attendance, but I was surely going to try.

The one person I was most interested in meeting, however, had not yet arrived.

It was by chance that I would be sharing a room with Enrico. I knew very little of them, but the more I learned the more curious I got.

One of my favorite movie quotes, from the 2005 political thriller V for Vendetta, is: “I, like God, do not play with dice, and do not believe in coincidence.”

I had a sneaking suspicion that Enrico would prove to be the most interesting person at the event.

Soon I would find out.

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