Göteborg, Sweden

The weather in Göteborg was just warm enough that I was willing to venture outside of the protective confines of what I now called home: a medium sized camper van, that I was sharing with four other people, each person barely knowing me, but all willing to extend the measure of trust necessary to further the agenda of furry fun and world travel, and just cold enough that I wondered if Silvia was being serious when she told me that socks and shoes were a stupid idea, and that they’d have none of it.

The dog, Val, was dressed as a reindeer — or at least that was my interpretation of that knitted hat with super cute antlers — complete with dual LED lights and a small dog-sized bright yellow high-visibility vest. I was wearing my cheap Wal-Mart after-halloween-sale $15 animal pajamas. Silvia was all cloaked up, with her signature fur leggings and aforementioned noticeable lack of shoes and socks. The others, who I knew for a fact were packing custom Kigus and even full fursuits, opted to go undercover for the night, and skipped the costumes. They explained, almost in an apologetic way, that they were trying to keep their things fresh for the convention, and didn’t want to dirty them up just yet.

After the dog was made exhausted, its protests overtly visible, tending towards near refusal to walk any further, it was allowed to retreat to the warm van, while the rest of us ventured onward, in seek of food, and whatever else comes our way.

It wasn’t the cold weather that convinced us to take a train to the city center, rather it was for fear that walking would delay us too long, limiting our options. We were distracted only about fifty or so times, both on the way to the train station and after, by cat-themed products, in shop windows, each of which required us to stop, take photos, and reflect on how cute they were.

The public transportation system in Göteborg was reasonable by European standards, but amazing by (most) American standards. We would have been able to buy tickets from an electronic kiosk once inside and in transit, but, luckily for us, it was malfunctioning at the time, rendering our rides free of charge.

City center offered a large variety of choice for dinner, so much so, in fact, the decision became difficult. It took more than an hour, and quite a bit of back-and-forth walking, before the decision was eventually made.

I ordered my Keto restaurant standby: Steak and Salad. The others went for: Swedish Meatballs, Salmon, Curry, and a Cheeseburger.

It was getting late, and we were getting tired. The plan was to have a good meal, have a good chat, have a good rest, and then, tomorrow, have a good day: a good day further exploring Göteborg.

We proceeded to do exactly this.

IMG 3876

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